Stove Repair: A Dye’s Appliance Guide

Nothing will ruin dinner faster than an oven or stove top that won’t work. Can you imagine having the Thanksgiving turkey ready to go and then the oven won’t heat? We get those stove repair calls all throughout the holiday season. Talk about stressful.


Stove Repair Issues

When it comes to stove repair, there are three types of problems. One set affects the stove top, one set affects the oven and the final set affects the whole unit.


Stove Top Issues

Most all stove top issues involve the burners or the switches that control them. Each burner is controlled by a separate switch so one faulty burner shouldn’t affect any of the others. The burners are also independent of the oven control and shouldn’t be affected if there’s trouble there. Even though electric and gas stoves operate differently, these general concepts hold true for both styles.

One other issue that only pertains to smooth-top or glass-top electric stove is a cracked or shattered cooktop. When parts are available, the top can be replaced but they tend to be expensive.


Oven issues

Oven can have troubles heating at the proper temperature or sometimes not heat at all. Faulty temperature probes can keep you oven at the wrong temperature. Bad control boards can stop your oven from heating entirely. The oven also won’t heat of your heading element (electric) or gas burner or ignitor (gas) aren’t working.


Power Issues

If neither the stove or oven are working, the issue is usually with the power supply. These issues usually deal with the power cord and/or terminal block. You could also have an issue with your 220 volt outlet. An outlet issue needs attention from an experienced electrician.


Repair vs Replace

Many stove issues can be repaired at a decent price and don’t require replacing the stove. Stove top burners and switches and oven elements or ignitors can get your range going again without replacing the whole unit.

Bigger issues consist of control boards, glass cooktops and oven gas regulator valves. Gas valves can be pricey. Glass tops are expensive and sometimes aren’t available. Control boards vary in price quite a bit but some could price you out of a repair.


Different Styles

There are a few different kinds of ranges for your kitchen. Which kind you use can depend on what your kitchen is equipped for. You can always have gas lines run or a 220 volt outlet installed if you’d like to use a different fuel for your range. Check with your electrician or plumber for costs.


Gas Ranges

If you’re chefy, you’ll definitely want a gas range. Gas cooktop burners are easier to control your heat level. The drawback here is you’re literally playing with fire.


Electric Coil Burner Ranges

All-electric ovens are very popular. The coil elements heat up as electricity flows through them. They don’t have and cool quite the same as gas but they get the job done. Similar elements are in the oven to hear for baking and broiling


Electric Glass Top Ranges

These cook tops have elements set under a glass top. They can be very nice to look at, but the glass top can scratch and look forward to over time. And, of course, they can break and cause costly repairs.


Stove Repair Process

Service Call

An in-home service call for a stove repair is $95. You can schedule service by calling us at 816-436-2210 or put in a service request. We schedule calls in one-hour arrival windows. You should get a call when the tech is on the way and they’ll arrive ready to help.



The technician will take the symptoms you’ve described and may have a few follow up questions. They’ll then begin testing the stove to determine the cause of the issue. Following the diagnosis, you’ll get a full parts and labor estimate that includes the $95 service call.


Parts Ordering

Our goal is to have your stove fixed on the first trip. However, sometimes parts are required that aren’t available on our service vehicles. If that’s the case, the tech can give you an estimated time of arrival on your parts and when we can return to finish the service. If we need to make a second trip out, there’s no extra charge.


Return Trip

After your part arrives, our office staff will call to set up a second trip out to finish the job. You don’t pay for anything until the job is completed.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your stove repair. Our labor comes with a 90-day warranty and parts warranties vary by manufacturer. If we don’t get it right the first time, there’s no service call charge for coming back out.



We service most major brands including:

  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • Kenmore
  • Samsung
  • GE
  • Hotpoint
  • LG
  • Frigidaire
  • Electrolux
  • Amana
  • Admiral


Areas We Serve

We service most of the Kansas City Northland including:




At Dye’s Appliance, we strive to give you the very best service for your stove repair. Call us at 816-436-2210 or request service today.

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