Dryer Repair: A Dye’s Appliance Guide

Modern-day washers are great as long as you can get those freshly washed clothes dry. From broken belts to lack of heat, occasional you’ll be in need of dryer repair in Kansas City. Unless you’ve still got a clothesline out in the backyard, of course.


Dryer Repair Issues

Dryers are rather simple machines. You just need heat, airflow and some tumbling action to get things dry again. But once one of these systems fails, it leads to problems


Heating Issues

Both electric and gas dryers can have issues with heating. In electric dryers, the heating element can break, short or become grounded and either stop heating or hear constantly. For gas dryers, igniters or regulator valves failing can stop the dryer from heating. In either case, not much gets dry in a cold machine. Give us a call.


Airflow Issues

Most airflow issues are a really of lint build-up. Long build-up is also the leading cause of dryer fires. Clogged lint traps or clogged exhaust vents can slow or stop moisture from leaving the dryer. This can cause the dryer to run for a long, long time to dry your items.


Tumbling Issues

Most dryers rotate on a belt and pulley system. Belts can break or come loose. Same with the pulleys the belt ride on. When this happens, the drum won’t turn and won’t dry clothes very well. A bad motor can cause this problem as well. Though usually in much louder fashion.


Control Issues

Dryers can have issues with the timer mechanism or the electronic control board as well. These control Issues can keep the dryer from running a complete cycle or heating properly. When you call for dryer repair, our techs can help diagnose these issues


Noise Issues

Loud, squeaking, screeching dryers can be annoying. Drum glides, idler pulleys and drum rollers tend to be the most common culprits. We can help pin down those noises and get them fixed.


Repair vs Replace

When it comes to dryer repair, the age and brand of the appliance factors into when to replace it. Many kinds of dryer issues are cost-effective to have done. Bigger issues like timers, control boards and motors lean more towards replacement.


Different Styles

While nearly all dryers are front-loaders, there are differences. Dryers that match styles with front-load washers tend to be more electronic. They also tend to be more expensive to repair or replace. A more traditional front-load dryer is a more basic machine. These are easier and cheaper to fix.


Dryer Repair Process

Service Call

In-home service calls for dryer repair are $95. Service calls are typically scheduled in one-hour arrival windows. You can schedule by calling us at 816-436-2210 or you can go to the request service link. Our service technician will call before heading to your location and arrive ready to work.



Going off the description of symptoms you describe and after asking a few questions about your appliance, our techs will being testing the dryer to diagnose the problem. Once the cause is known, you’ll receive a full parts and labor estimate that includes the original cost of the service call.


Parts Ordering

If the service vehicle doesn’t have the required parts for your repair, we’ll have to order those parts in. At that time, the tech can give you an estimation of how long the parts will arrive and when we can return to finish the job. Most parts only take a day or two. And don’t worry, if we have to make a separate trip for parts, there’s no additional charge.


Return Trip

After your part arrives, our office staff will call and schedule a return trip. Only after the tech has completely finished the job will you receive an invoice.


Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Your dryer repair is important to us. We want you to be highly satisfied once the process is complete. Our labor comes with a 90-day warranty. Parts are warrantied by their manufacturer and time frames vary. Some dryers are stubborn and don’t like to be fixed on the first trip. When that happens, we’ll come back out and get it right with no service call for coming back out.



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When it comes to dryer repair, make Dye’s Appliance your first choice. You’ll get the best appliance repair in town from a trusted source. Give us a call or request service today.

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